Team Lists

2022 Winter Day Season - Team Announcement

Ridgettes Teams

  • Each team will consist of a coach and a manager, with no fewer than 7 players and no more than 10 players depending on numbers, ability of players and availability of coaches.
  • Each team will consist of players of similar age and ability, with a balance of attack and defense players. 
  • Ridgettes Netball Club believes that by restructuring teams each season, players develop their netball skills by playing with new players and often new friendships are developed between the players. 

Team Communication

  • Once Ridgettes Winter Season teams have been released, each player will be provided with a team list consisting of names and a contact number of each player, coach and manager including club officials details.
  • Personal information is to be treated confidentially.
  • Medical information will only be shared with the coach and the manager of the team if required. 
  • It is expected that each player will notify the coach and manager in a timely manner of any inability to train or play. 
  • Each player has access to the draw via the Netball Connect App and will be provided game details each week via email or text from the team manager. 

Changing Teams or Filling in

Changing Teams 

Once players have been allocated to a team, they must remain in that team for the Season unless the Ridgettes Grading Committee has given approval in writing to the Registrar.

Filling in for another Ridgettes team 
  • GO players cannot play up in Juniors, Inters or Divisions. They can only play up a Division in their GO section.
  • All other players may play a fixture game for another Ridgettes team, as per the rules of the association. 
  • Players may play for another Ridgettes team in a higher Division or Grade, but never within the same Division or Grade or in a lower Grade.
  • A player can only play our of his/her own team on 2 occasions. On the 3rd occasion penalties are enforced by the Association. 
  • All Ridgettes teams are asked to be supportive of one another by lending players for fixtures whenever possible. Coaches wishing to borrow players must FIRST approach the coach of the team from which they wish to borrow a player. Permission by both coach and the junior player's parent must be given. If any request is denied, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Coaching Director immediately.